African Moon Blackbuck Bitter

CraftNation Rating8.9
Wow Factor8.4
It is a fascinating beer and I'll definatley be adding it to my "regulars" list

If you have tasted any of the beers from The Porqupine Quil Brewing Company (and they have one of the best URLs in the country), you'll know that these guys love their beer strong. The styles they brew are largely on the higher ABV side and I am a long time fan of their Dam Wolf range - if you have not tried the Wolf in sheep's clothing, you need to add it to your beer wishlist. It's incredible.

Another one of their ranges is African Moon and this amber beast is the first one I have tried. At 7.5% this beer forms part of the Strong Bitter beer style (also known as Extra Special Bitter or ESB - a subcategory of the Pale Ale beer styleand is, as it name implies, strong and bitter.... absolutely delicious on both counts, I assure you.

There isn't any head when poured but the beer is moderately carbonated. Its dark amber colour is a sure sign of the experience that is to come. At first taste it is quite difficult to place the flavours, they are all encompassing and it makes you really appreciate the first sip. This beer is brewed with six malts and there are strong burnt caramel flavours as you drink it.

It is a fascinating beer and I'll definatley be adding it to my "regulars" list. I paid R27 for  440ml of African Moon Blackbuck Bitter - it's great to see a beer of this quality not retailing for R35+.


Beer Specs
ABV [Alcohol By Volume]: 7.5%
Volume: 440ML
IBU [International Bittering Unit]: n/a
Beer Details
Brewer: The Porqupine Quil Brewing Company
Beer Style: Strong Bitter
Brewer website:

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