CraftNation Podcast #3: Virgins

What happens when you put a couple of South Africa's most vocal craft beer lovers together?

Introducing the unofficial CraftNation Craft League Podcast, recorded at the Craft Fair 2015. Join Regardt [@Regardt], Ivor [@kleurlingbier], Shae Leigh [@shaeleigh911], Thandi [@ironyandgum] and her other-half, Ash [the +1] as they talk craft beer...what else?

We also had a chance to taste the brand new Agar's Brewery Tomohawk IPA. Hopefully hitting the shelves soon. It is another great beer from Agar's with an IBU rating over 100, yum. It was also our favourite brew at the Craft Fair. This year's event was held at Carfax Joburg, the location was perfectly suited, we hope the organisers keep it there for the next one.

Sorry for the wind and background noise, it was a busy festival.

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