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Devil's Peak unveils its new lager beer

There is no doubt that South Africa loves lager beer and many craft brewers use it to their advantage, catering to people who aren't quite ready to make the leap to ales but want to try a craft beer. Devil's Peak did the opposite and produced beers for the more discerning craft beer drinker. Last week though, Devil's Peak unveiled its lager beer. Devil’s Peak Brewing Company says its Lager was created as an ode to the traditional lagers of Germany and brewed with the famous noble Hallertauer Mittelfrüh hops.

Lagering actually dates as far back as medieval times, where brewers would barrel ferment in the cooler temperatures of caves, but the advent of refrigeration in the late 19th century helped to perpetuate it to new levels of popularity. Consistently cool temperatures, along with a bottom fermenting yeast, yielded a clear, clean and long-lasting beer which now helps define the style. A style we feel is not being faithfully represented by what’s commercially available . . . until now.

It may take a few weeks before your favourite tavern get this on tap or on the menu but get in contact with the brewhouse and get them to ship you a case.

[Image from the Devil's Peak Facebook page, also check out the other images from the launch]

Beer Stats

Aroma: Clean crisp malt character supported by a mild, spicy and slightly floral aroma of the famous noble Hallertauer Mittelfrüh hops.

Appearance: Pale yellow in colour and brilliantly clear. Medium white head with good retention.

Flavour: Very delicate malt profile with an unobtrusive hop character and low level of bitterness.

Mouthfeel: Light in body.  Medium to high carbonation level with a full flavoured mouthfeel as a result of the 100% malt used.

OG: 1.042
FG: 1.008
IBUs: 11
ABV: 4%

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