Garagista Tears of the hipster

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The brewers at Garagista Beer Co. is said to have told hipsters that its craft beer was not for them. This made the hipsters sadder as usual, and in fact, some of them cried. So the Garagista brewers collected the hipster's tears and infused it with four types of hops and the bitter-sweet flavours of grapefruit. This is the result.

Garagista knows marketing and they have a great track record for creating labels that becomes social media marketing gold. Have a look at some the videos on their YouTube Channel.
Not surprisingly, Tears of the hipster is very tasty beer, this beer delivers a good hop hit with the bitter-sweet aftertaste that grapefruit delivers. At only 5%, this beer pretends to be a little stronger when you taste it, but that is a good thing.

Tears of the hipster is a limited edition American Pale Ale that costs around R50 per bottle at the store.

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