Jack Black Brewing Co. Hooray IPA

CraftNation Rating 9.1
Wow Factor9
The Hooray IPA is packed with loads of hops and as soon as you open the bottle you'll be hit with an amazing, fruity aroma.

Did you know that Jack Black Brewing Co. was contract brewed from 2007 up until last year? [Definition: Contract Brewing - a beer brewed by a third party brewer who may have their own range, or brew for a number of other brands.] Yip, I could hardly believe it. Indeed, this brewery is one of a handful that were pivotal in driving the growth of the craft beer scene in South Africa. I vividly remember phoning around Jozi to get a case of Jack Black Lager back in 2008 but ending up driving to Cape Town to stock up on the elixir, those were the days.

Before you ask, Jack Black is not in reference to the actor or character. Jack Black was an American prohibition-era brewer who became a legend for breaking the rules and brewing beer -  kinda like many of our craft brewers in South Africa today.

The Hooray IPA was brewed specifically for the launch of Jack Black Brewing Co's new brewery which hopped into production late last year. This will the be the first of many limited release beers we can expect from this brewery. If this one is anything to go by, I do look forward to see what else they can come up with.

As far as IPA's go, this is one you'll want to try before they are all gone. The Hooray IPA is packed with loads of hops and as soon as you open the bottle you'll be hit with an amazing, fruity aroma. Available only in 500ml bottles, this IPA has 7% alc/vol and is rated at 70 IBU's - a surprisingly low rating considering the wonderful bitterness that lingers long after each taste. This beer has is a medium to dark amber colour and there's a beautiful head when poured.


If you are a hop head, this one's for you. I did ask the wife, Mrs. CraftNation, what she thought of it and I think she summed it upped succinctly "Smooth.......and bitter."

With such a limited release you'll want to pop past one of these stores in Gauteng Liquor City Jan Smuts, Riverside Liquors, Loco-Liq Blairgowrie, Liquor City Beyers Naude. PRETORIA: Liquor City Groenkloof, Overland Murrayfield Cellars. If you are in Cape Town, I am sure there will be many more stockists but if not, just contact them on Facebook.

I hope they will brew this one again but I am equally excited to see what is next on Jack Black Brewing Co's limited release list. Well done guys! The Hooray IPA is a damn fine beer.  © 2016 CraftNation

Beer Specs
ABV [Alcohol By Volume]: 7%
Volume: 500ML
IBU [International Bittering Unit]: 70 IBU
Beer Details
Brewer: Jack Black Brewing Co.
Beer Style: IPA
Brewer website: www.jackblackbeer.com
Check out my tasting session with the Hooray IPA and Jack Black Brewing Co's Wim van Vuuren on YouTube.

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