The Standeaven Brewery African Pale Ale

CraftNation Rating8.6
Wow Factor8.3
A crisp, slightly heavy ale with just enough carbonation and a slight hops aftertaste. There are very mild hints of fruit, but this goes down fairly easy with a minimum of surprises.
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Judging from its taste and hazy appearance, Standeaven’s African Pale Ale looks like it might want to flex some muscle. Fortunately the colourful label helps push the record in the right direction: this is not a browbeating beer. Ales can hide all kinds of surprises, but African Pale Ale doesn’t take too much of a gamble and keeps to the middle of the beer road. It actually tastes more like a really nice lager, with a hint of hops and, if you concentrate, some guava on the back of your tongue and a mild lingering bitter trail.

The label says it’s for someone who enjoys the odd beer. African Pale Ale definitely isn’t odd, but it is certainly a good starting beer into the craft world. People who have grown bored with the taste of import beers will find this a refreshing alternative. And steady craft beer drinkers looking for a more balanced palate refresher between those heavy brews will find this enjoyable as well.

Pronounced with fruit and malty notes. Slightly hazy, copper colour. Medium, frothy, off-white, long-lasting head. Guava from the hops and sourness on the nose, with a tart, quite grainy, dry and fruity finish and a creamy carbonation

Beer Specs
ABV [Alcohol By Volume]: 4%
Volume: 440ml
IBU [International Bittering Unit]: 45
FG [Final Gravity]: n/a
OG [Original Gravity]: n/a
Beer Details
Brewer: Standeaven
Beer Style: Amber Ale / American Pale Ale
Brewer website:
Beer Website:

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